Peter Kilfoyle Member of Parliament and Officers of Common Wealth Visiting the regenerated area on Tancred Road, Liverpool, UK

Peter KilfoyleThe houses are an amazing transformation. It’s remarkable and an important contribution to the regeneration of this area. I have brought these people here today as they represent a whole cross section of countries around the world and they have an interest in regeneration. Here at the Tancred Road, we can see an example of what can be achieved when people put their mind to it.” –Peter Kilfoyle, MP

This community has never lost heart and now they can see the real potential of what can be achieved. They have always argued that the buildings were basically good and worth preserving and they have been shown to be right.

Rick Parry – Liverpool Football Club Chief Executive

Rick Parry

Brian Conrin – Arena Housing Association – speaking at the Rockfield Open Day

Brian Conrin

Historically it was a good and popular area for young families to come into and get their feet on the property ladder, it just needed a company with the faith and courage to come and put their money where their mouth was!

Brian Cronin, Arena Housing Association

…I was also particularly pleased to hear your praise of the AHDC. I have been deeply impressed by the work they have done in Anfield and very much hope they will be able to extend much further!

Prof. Anne Powers – London School of Economics – Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission

Professor Anne Powers

Professor Anne Powers

Bill Richardson (Chairman, Rockfield Association) at the “SIB” Conference viewing Tancred Rd.

Bill Richardson