About Us

About Us

Ahdc recruits semi-retired entrepreneurs, especially from the real estate/property business who where successful in their lives and are now committed to give back to the community their experience and knowledge to help rebuild poor communities in towns and cities using their own funds from the private sector and from financial institutions without any public assistance from the federal and/or from the local authorities.

They started almost 3 decades ago in 1989 in Budapest Hungary (the newly freed masse’s who where liberated from the communist regime when the iron curtain came down) and then in Vienna Austria (Helping the Turkish Refugees settle into Adequate housing) and lastly in Liverpool, England, where we rejuvenated a whole Area of 250 houses which where burnt out in a high crime area with drugs and guns into a safe neighborhood newly privately owned highly renovated homes which could be seen in the videos attached!

And now we have decided to relocate newahdc to the US, and replicate use our expertise to renovate run down neighborhoods in cities and towns across the US to give the poor an equal chance to afford and own their own home with dignity and passion.

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