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The ultimate objective and mission of the Affordable Housing Development Company (AHDC) has always been the creation of affordable and comfortable housing that will enable all people will all levels of income. To afford and live in their own property and thereby feeling secure and proud. AHDC was found in the UK in the early 2000’s by Moshe Kraus with a highly professional team, (which was sold in 2009) the Founder in various partnerships has been an active and profitable developer, owner and manager of diverse array of real estate investment in Eastern and Western Europe mainly in reconstruction since the early 90’s which could be seen on the website. We have now re-established our good name AHDC and our vast expertise to the US and formed the New Affordable Housing Development Company (NEWAHDC) which will be involved in developing new affordable housing in the US.

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About us

The New Affordable Housing Development Company (NewAHDC) group provides private finance to redevelop areas of deprivation in towns and cities.

Local Labour

NEWAHDC is committed to its local labour employment policy and to creating the greatest possible benefit for the local economy with minimal, if indeed any, cost to the public purse.


NEWAHDC opens a new Special Purpose Vehichle Limited Company for each project to allow transparency and invests its considerable funds entirely at its own risk and without any compensatory agreements or assistance from public bodies.


We work with the active support and co-operation of the local community and public bodies such as the Council, Housing association / RSL’s, Housing Corporation, Pathfinders.

Affordable Housing


AHDC was created in 2002 to participate in the enormous task of regenerating areas of deprivation in England’s cities.

Although huge resources are being devoted to this task by central and local government, they can never be sufficient for the challenges that currently exist. In recognition of this, NEWAHDC wishes to play a small part in helping to achieve positive outcomes in the worst affected areas.

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